A Poverty Resource Hub of Focus on the Global South Philippines

Focus on the Global South-Philippines

Focus on the Global South Philippines Programme has been implementing in the Philippines, since November 2001, the regional programme of Focus on Global South. Since then Focus Philippines has evolved into more than just a country implementer, developing campaigns, initiatives, platforms and products that are grounded on Philippine issues while still reflecting the regional thrusts of Focus on the Global South.

Focus Philippines undertakes policy research and engages government agencies on national policy-making; it is involved in advocacy work and generates alternative information and critical analyses in aid of national and global debates; it builds networks and alliances and contributes to grassroots capability building. The main issues it addresses are deglobalization and transformation of the global economy, trade, poverty and social-economic justice and the commons, peace and democracy, climate justice.

In its country initiatives, the Philippines programme also devotes efforts on national and sector-based issues through its various thematic programs; two key Philippine projects are the Development Roundtable Series (DRTS) and Deconstructing Discourse and Activist Retooling Program (DDARP).

At the core of its work, the Philippines programme is motivated and defined by its main purpose: to stand with the poor and the marginalized. In presenting issues, in doing analysis, in making positions and defining alternatives to achieve systemic change, the Philippines programme strives to take their perspectives.

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